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СМС рассыльщик — шаблон для зенки, многопоточность
Создает аккаунты майл ру
Отправляет 20 СМС с одного аккаунта (для избежания бана)
Номера берутся из ранее заготовленной базы (в комплекте базы телефонов не предоставляем)
Единственное условие для правильной работы — качественные прокси сервера

Комплект который вы можете приобрести — Зенно постер (ломаный и полностью функциональный версия 3,6 ПРО) + шаблон для смс рассылки.
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Norovirus outbreaks can best be prevented with dedicated bathrooms for sick persons. In addition, cleaning staff should be informed about the need for adequate sanitation of surfaces and fomites to prevent spread.
锘縍eusable grocery bags
Virtually all Los Angeles supermarkets currently offer reusable cloth grocery bags. Their use is definitely beneficial to the environment; it results in less trees being ground up to make paper and less plastic fouling up the environment. There is a downside to their use, however: they are also germ factories. Researchers in Oregon reported a norovirus outbreak, which affected nine members of a soccer team after they either touched a reusable grocery bag or consumed its packaged food contents. On May 9, Kimberly K. Rapp, PhD, MPH, from Oregon Health and Sciences University, and William E. The epidemiologists used a procedure known as polymerase chain reaction and recovered a norovirus from the grocery bag. Before the outbreak, the bag had been stored in a hotel bathroom by a person who was suffering from a viral illness. They noted that previous studies have reported that aerosolization (release into the air) of vomit and feces to be important in norovirus outbreaks. They added that their study confirms that the aerosol contamination of fomites can contribute to persistent problems on environments such as cruise ships and nursing homes.
In Asia, citizens take more precautions against infectious diseases than we do in the US. I recently conducted a series of writing workshops in Taiwan. I noticed that some individuals were wearing a surgical mask. My assistant explained that these people had an infection and were wearing a mask to prevent its spread.
Norovirus infection is highly contagious. Noroviruses commonly spread through food or water contaminated by fecal matter during preparation. You can also acquire norovirus infection through close contact with an infected person for instance, if you live in a nursing home or work in a day care facility.

With a name like Charcuterie we had expected to find all manner of pork items gracing the menu. There's only one: a housecured pork tenderloin served with brown sugar and brandy sauce ($15). Several delicate, tender slices of pork lay fanlike across the plate. The dish was accompanied by flavorful, perfectly roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and a handful of crunchy sugar snap peas, which were the essence of freshness. Our one gripe was that the rich brandy sauce topping the pork was overly sweet.
WE ATE OUR PORK with downcast eyes and pangs of guilt under an exhibition of snouts and trotters and a farrow of sleeping piggies, with their closed eyes, curly tails, and curvy smiles .
Dinner got off to a great start with the crimini and portobello mushroom fricassee ($7.25). This rich, earthy appetizer featured finely chopped mushrooms heated and ladled into an aromatic heap and was surrounded by crostini (crunchy toasted sourdough baguette rounds). The fricassee also contained generous hunks of garlic, scallions, and bright green ribbons of shredded fresh basil, thyme, and parsley, which made the dish even more satisfying.
The Sebastopol salad was a hodgepodge of toasted walnuts, red delicious apples, golden raisins, and crumbles of tangy Gorgonzola cheese over mixed baby greens with a poppy seed dressing ($10.50.) It was pleasant enough, but there seemed to be no real thought behind the combination of tastes. There was just too much going on here.
Next, we sampled a pair of soups (the day's specials), which are included in the price of the entr The chilled carrot soup with ginger was too thick, reminding us of a veggie smoothie, and, in addition, had an unpleasant metallic aftertaste. The potato leek soup was better, but the seasonings were skimpy and the broth had an overly glutinous consistency.
The baked herbcrusted Pacific king salmon with fresh corn chutney, also served with roast potatoes and sugar snap peas ($18.50), had the potential to be moist and buttery, but it arrived undercooked. The wholekernel corn c
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